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Online support & Troubleshooting

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that DigiStarr team is efficient and doing really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great how easily you fix things and keep us updated.

Arpita Khan

Thank you so much for your help. You are very good at explaining thoroughly the "why' you are doing what your doing. Great job and I'm looking forward to your next session, if I will face any other issue on my PC troubleshooting or software!

Lehri Bhadohiya

This is an awesome platform to get online support if you don't know nothing about an IT related stuffs and new technologies. Digistarr is best for me. I still wonder how this IT magic called remote thing works online.

Tabby Singh

In a word your are amazing and the information you give makes us updated about new technologies. Remotely My issues has been solved. Thanks again.

sonam Gupta

As a professional Doctor, I have knowledge in my field but all about computer and software. I'm not good at it. Thanks for guiding and fixing my all issues till now. Nice way to fix things online remotely.

Chetan Walia

Hey which software you use? I still amazed how you fixed my software issue online. Thanks mate!

Martin S

Digital Marketing

We have been associated with Digistarr for some time now, and the technical support provided by the team on our website has made a significant difference to our business. We’ve seen an improvement in order placements/requests, and backend concerns on the website, which has been pretty remarkable.

Madhav Seth

It’s a pleasure being associated with Digistarr Solutions. The team has worked closely with our organization, and collectively we have made excellent strides towards our goals in last few months. Thanks to Digistarr Solutions, we’ve achieved remarkable results through their attention to detail pertaining to Digital Marketing and Social Media Campaigns.

Thomus D

Digistarr Solutions has done an amazing work in setting up our company’s digital media strategy. The creativity and vision they brought in was outstanding. They gave us a solid strategic plan and have given decent results and got our expectations high. The quality work in terms of planning, creatives, and execution has made our work relatively easier and the work relationship enjoyable.

Dave Mecchi

We hired Digistarr Solutions to help us integrate Digital and Social Media Marketing into our overall sales and marketing strategy. They’re the one stop shop with profound knowledge of effective strategies that involve innovative social & digital activities with a very focused approach.

Pareena K

Being a Fast Fashion brand, we were skeptical to work with a digital marketing company, which is relevantly new, to optimize our sales through complete digital and social solutions, but Digistarr was highly recommended by many others we knew, and we now know why!

Dolly Singh

When it comes to email marketing and blogs there are loads of agencies that talk a good game, but Digistarr helps you make it happen. Highly recommendable!

Raja Mani

It’s been a great experience working with Digistarr Solutions; the Social Media Team brought fresh-thinking to the table and helped us shape our Online Branding through their innovative Social Media planning.

Aman Singh

Digistarr Solutions came up with the design on their first try, delivered the complete site within the promised timeline, and continued to fine-tune it.


Their strategic content and e-mail planning with creative communication has always been helpful to reach remarkable results. We are so happy with the output that we’ve signed in for blogs too!

Anup Mehera

Digistarr Solutions has quickly and effectively helped us set up our online market place, along with digital and social media presence.

Danny Kakkar

Website Design & Development

Digistarr when I got the first call, I wasn't sure and fully aware what they will do but they make it professionally for my website with free ssl (www.omegabeautylab.com). Thanks 

Shantanu P

Digistarr Really doing great job, I've tried other agencies too in Toronto but I found Digistarr very affordable for me. Really helped me dude.

Alex D

Are you kidding me! my website designed with ssl and full blueprint, sorry for judging you guys. Thank's Digistarr.

Zoya P

I myself a web designer but I wasn't aware that Digistarr will make better website for me. Thanks looking for hiring Digistarr for my Digital marketing campaign too!

Amrita Goyal

Graphic Design & Video Editing:

It was same day service and I really enjoyed the customer service for my project.

Sangram Mahajan

Very friendly and efficient with servicing their costumers!! They did an absolutely amazing job!

Francesca Dicaprio P

My Office's Creatives done by Digistarr, Still more creatives are there to go

Katy Jayne P

Very friendly and efficient with servicing their costumers!! They did an absolutely amazing job!

Hirendra Kumar

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