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An Introduction to WordPress
let’s start learning WordPress & its basics.
It’s is a CMS software system, you can use that to create and design your website or blog post. It is freely available and you can install it on your server easily anytime.
It has large amount of features available, there are many themes & plugins and many more functionalities availbable.
You can download the desired themes & favorite plugins from the official site of wordpress for free or from any other web also. It is very customizable by the use of themes & plugins. you also can create any kind of websites easily if you have basic knowlege.
First step is to login to make any changes on your website, you need to just add “/Wp-Admin” after your website name’s end here is the example:
then this login page should appear
Then fill the username and password to get access.
Now you can see the admin homepage, which is called dashboard and is located at the top on the left sidebar.
At top left side of the dashboard you can see your site name, at the right side you can see who is currently logged in & it you this time, by clicking sign out you can easily sign out as an user.
At the top center, there is a Toolbox this helps to access most common WordPress features, you need to be logged in to see it and visitors won’t be able to see the toolbox.
You also can create a blog post & also you can create categories and post tags.

Below to the post, there is Media where you can add images, documents, files that are stored or by browsing media library and you can also edit and update files.

In an Appearance section, where you can manage your site looks; you can choose the desired theme, plugins, widgets and menus.

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Then there is Plugins section where you can select the best plugins, it basically extends the functionality of WordPress & you can activate and deactivate as well as install and delete it.

You also can see the Settings where most of your site is configured which allows you to configure your website name and an URL, where your Posts appear.
This article will be helpful for the beginners.
Team DigiStarr

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