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    Visitor Reports

    • Total number of visitors your website has. It also specifies the number of new visitors & returning visitors.
    • Google Analytics helps find visitors spends Time on your site.
    • The amount of pages your visitors view.
    • The amount of pages your visitors view.
    • The amount of visitors who landed on your site and left immediately.
    • The Geographical location of your website visitors.
    • The websites which referred visitors to your site.
    Additional reports

    Web traffic Reports & Keyword Details

    • Total number of of the people visiting your site on a daily/monthly and yearly basis. Google Analytics also help to provide your traffic stats to previous years.
    • The keywords which brings traffic to your website.
    • The keywords which produces most sales.
    • The keywords which keeps your visitors on your site for the longer duration’s.
    More Details

    Content & Conversions

    We have Problem Solving Measures With Complete Reporting as the true power of Digital Marketing lies in Analytics.

    • The web pages your visitors visit often.
    • The web pages that brings you more traffic.
    • The pages where visitors most often leave your site.
    • With The help of Google Analytics it helps in goals you set on your site.

    Our Capabilities

    • Cross-Channel Reporting & Insight Creation
    • Visitor Reports
    • Web Traffic Reports
    • Keyword Report
    • Bounce Rate Measurement
    • Marketing Platform Selection & Solutions Integration
    • Predictive Modeling
    • Cross-Channel Attribution
    • Creative Business Intelligence
    • Business Growth Measurement

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    Weather you have a Big Business, Small firm or you are just a startup. We are here with everyone.

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    If you are looking for best Digital Marketing company in Mumbai then your search ends here. Digistarr is a Genuine Marketing Company located in Mumbai where we do natural seo by ethical way and very basic fundamentals of search experience optimization.

    Digistarr is a leading Business Analyst firm in India that provides internet marketing services including SEO, PPC and other internet marketing services. Digistarr offers affordable SEO solutions to make your website rank high on the major search engines.

    Our Digital Marketing Expert provides best Internet marketing services in Mumbai that make your over all web presence more strong and helps to increase your organic traffic. Also Discover all the ways that Analytics helps you turn data into insights from detailed reporting tools to the intelligent data analysis and more.


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    Why to Choose Digistarr?

    Our solutions are designed as per the client’s requirements as we provide tailor made solutions. also Retainer ship model where we charge month on month as it is more convenient.

    Do I pay monthly or annually?

    Well, It’s totally your wish. However I suggest you to pay monthly as it will be easy for you too.

    Which methods of payment do you accept?

    We facilitate all types of online payments like NEFT, UPI, Gpay, Paytm etc as your convenience.

    Can you provide services to me. I am a starter.

    We have a vision to help everyone whether you are a fresh starter, Small entrepreneur or a Big Brand. We are available for all SME’s.

    Do you offer EMI services?

    Yes! Our monthly plan is as similar to EMI as your convenience is much important for us.

    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes! It totally depends upon your plan.when you choose combo plan, you can always reach for the discounts.

    More questions?

    Contact our customer team, we’re here to help.

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